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How to buy property in Bangalore?


Bangalore has always been in the limelight for property and investments. From large investors looking at larger profits to a newly wedded couple buying themselves a property that is value for money, Bangalore has it all, to offer. People have seen how the city has grown exponentially, adding an advantage to the real estate sector. Buying a plot in Bangalore or a flat or a commercial property, if the documents are rights, it is a matter of a few days and you own the place. 


So if you are looking forward to buying a property in Bangalore, here are the few things you should know. The legalities and systems are clearly chartered out and well followed in this city. First, ensure you get an experienced realtor as they are very well versed about all aspects of property buying. It could be the endless documentation or finding the property matching your needs, they have solutions in their fingertips. The next thing to do is shortlisting and background verification and ensuring there is a 100% legal compliance. Do not commit to any advance or pay any advance until you and your agent are sure that the place is completely legally perfect. 


So the first thing about buying a property is ensuring you have all the documents handy. Here is a lot of documentation that you may require to be ready with to buy your dream property:


  1. The parent deed – This is one of the most requisite things to have – the title deed, which proves the legitimacy of ownership. 
  2. Sanction of the building plan, if that is the type of property you are buying. 
  3. The Khata certificate and the Katha extract
  4. Encumbrance, commencement and occupancy certificates 
  5. Tax paid receipts


These are the few major documents and your realtor will keep you informed on more. It could be buying a commercial property in Bangalore, or buying a plot or an apartment, the entire process and documentation requirement changes based on that. Also if investment is the only thing you have in mind, it is better to take advice from an experienced realtor from Bangalore on market performance on which of the choices would yield a good return.  


Here is where the expertise and guidance of Irshads come in. Irshads is affiliated to Bangalore Realtors Association India & National Association of Realtors – India, making us very credible and trustworthy in property matters. We are well versed with the market, the place and the people of Bangalore and our team is dedicated to keeping the best interest of our clients in ensuring that they land in safe, legal, hassle free dream properties. 


If you want to buy property for residence, it is of utmost importance to ensure that the apartment/plot comes with no backstory that could lead to you losing money or you moving into a place that is not completely sound yet. 


You could be a local resident or entering the city for the first time, although buying a property is one of the most satisfying things to do, the process can be very difficult and tiring at times. It also requires the right guidance and technical know-how. Ensure you have a pleasant time buying.